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So I'mma keep this brief so you can just skim it.

Back in classes. Love it. Hate it. Argh. I have FRIENDS. It's glorious. It's miserable. It's graduate school. :D

I saw my father for the first time in 3 years. It went shockingly well. I feel empowered as shit. It's great.

My sister and I are TALKING you guise. Like regularly. It's great.

The new FOB album dropped. It's great. I wrote 1000 words on the Pete/Patrick prison verse after hearing Uma Thurman. And then classes started. DAMN YOU GRAD SCHOOL. Also- Fourth of July is about Mikey Way. You cant convince otherwise.

I GOT A TATTOO! WANNA SEE? It's big so its under the cut.
Tattoo on my calf. It wraps all the way around like a garter.

And I'm writing an epic porny drama ABO series omega!Geno Malkin/alpha!OMC fic series called The Ecstasy set pre-Pittsburgh. If you trust my writing AT ALL give it a try. Just pretend they're both OMCs if you want. I'm really proud of it.

I interviewed to work at Zoo Atlanta! For three jobs! I want the jobs you guys. One of them, any of them. SO BAD. I changed my resume and my interview style and worked super hard. I NEED IT! Pray for me.

And thats it! ILU!!!!!
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