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Hello Yulegoat!

I love you for existing! You have chosen one of three ridiculously small fandoms. You are a friggin' diety umong mortals. Seriously. You rock. How doth thou rockest so hard? I knoweth not.

Black Sails - John Silver

Okay so, as I said, John Silver is my JAM. He's the reason I fell in love with the show. But I'm a Stevenson fangirl so if you wanna make me REALLY REALLY HAPPY (like deliriously happy) you could write me in-Black-Sails-universe Long John/adult!Jim Hawkins (aka the kid from Treasure Island which is the book by Robert Louis Stevenson which the show is a prequel to). Jim and Long John become close during Treasure Island and Jim lets John get away at the end and its A WHOLE THING! I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT IT IN LITERALLY EVERY INCARNATION OF THE STORY INCLUDING THE ONE WITH THE MUPPETS. YEAH. *cough*

That said I love James/John as well so if you need to write something James Flint-y, James interacting with John preferably in a slashy way and post amputation? *puppy eyes* Or if you're more of a Billy Bones type, I am totally open to some Billy/John action as well.

PLEASE don't put him with Charles or Rackham. Please. I just - No. I beg of you. I ship them with their ladies way to hard. That doesn't mean you shouldn't write them if you want to though. Feel free to include, literally, anyone in the fic though. I love the entire cast so much.

If you can't bear to ship him at all *sad sigh* the snarkier and self-serving-er(is that a word?) the better. I love his mercenary little face. And I love how much he's grown. I'd love to see that explored and how he's coping with his disability too.

This is our last hurrah before the new season starts. Have fun with it!

Cracked After Hours - Soren Bowie, Katie Willert

More than anything in this fandom, I want Katie/Soren. I have wanted Katie/Soren since the Batman episode. My desire for it burns like the plasma of 10,000 suns. I mentioned in my sign-up that I have thoughts and prompts and here they are.

I love the way they play off each other. I think they have great chemistry and have since day one. I really want to see them getting together or being together - but within the context of the larger group of the quartet. I don't just want their relationship to exist in a vacuum if that makes sense.

1)In the police episode of season 4, Katie and Soren arrive together. She yelled at a cop, supposedly over an expired tag if I'm not mistaken. WHAT IF THAT WAS A LIE! WHAT IF THEY GOT BUSTED BANGING IN THE CAR AND KATIE YELLED AT THE COP BECAUSE THEY DIDNT GET TO *FINISH*? X Number of Cliche Yet Awkward Places Katie and Soren Hook Up Before They Got Totally Freaking Busted by Daniel and Michael.

2)I have a mighty need to see the four of them, seated together around a table like always, right after Katie and Soren's wedding. I'm talking everyone's still in their formal attire - tuxes for the guys, white dress for Katie and they do something like X Worst Movie Wedding Cliches or X Cheesiest Weddings in Movies or X Lies Hollywood Sells About Getting Married because just because the two of them are married now doesnt mean anything is going to change besides their tax status and jewelry choices.

4)I would also be open to a X Number of Most Absurd/Unbelievable/Cheesy/Awful/Bad/Awesome Proposals In On-Screen History leading to an in-the-diner proposal.

3)The Whedon conspiracy people capture them. NOW WHAT? Seriously, take that wherever you want.

4)A debate over the Quality/Realism/Whatever of X Number of Screen Sex Acts(trash talking 50 Shades of Grey versus the merits of Secretary for example) leads to them hooking up frantically in the diner bathroom and not!explaining themselves to Daniel and Michael later.


So yeah. Cracked After Hours. I have a lot of feelings.

Silicone Valley - Jared Dunne

Okay so here's the thing. I want Jared to be loved. I want him to find love and be loved desperately in return. I would prefer it if the person he was loved by was Richard but if you want it be an Original Male Character or Original Female or Original Nonbinary Character(actually an Original nonbinary character would be AMAZING) that's fine. I just want Jared to find someone to love and be loved by. He's such a good sweet big hearted respectful kind genuine person and I want him to be happy. Please to be making Jared/Donald happy?

Please know that crossovers are welcome. As much as they made a joke about him loving Richard, you don't have to go with Richard if you don't want to. I like Richard but if you think you can write something better with someone else, go for it. For example, I think possibly a The Social Network crossover might be interesting, if you've ever seen that and that he might be good for Eduardo Saverin possibly. Or not. That's not a hard and fast rule, just a suggestion. Like I said above, I just...I want him to be happy. That poor boy has been through so much. If you want to touch on his substance abuse problem with the ritalin that would be cool but its not necessary.

If you want to write smut (which I heartily support) I would LOVE a discussion about what to call him during sex. Is he Donald? Is he Jared? Who is he? Why? What does he choose? These are the kind of things I need to know.

Some things I like:
-Love stories. The actual falling-in-love part is my most favorite thing. Getting together is the BESTTTTT.
-Bad boys who find someone strong enough to face them head on on.
-ABO is awesome.
-Feel free to mpreg if you have a good idea - in or out of ABO.
-Soulmate AUs! Soulmarks, telepathy, timers, something else - all awesome. I just request that you not do "unmarked/no timer/threesome mark" for the main couple. It's interesting and all but its not really what I want. Gimme the cliche. I really like the cliche. There are other ways to complicate the cliche. You are brilliant. I know you can come up with something cool.
-D/s is welcome either incidental or as a verse if you feel inclined.
-Drama. OMG I loves me some ~drama~.
-AUs because as I said, if you've got a good idea, run with it.
-Hot hot sex. I love sex! (bullet-proof kink: fisting)

Some things I don't like:
-Ending things unhappily
-High school/college aus
-Coffee shop AUs
-Misgendering people.
-Bringing in scat or watersports.
-Having non-con lead to love.
-Writing subs, Omegas, or mpregs as "weak".

Um, beyond that I'm easy. I'm so thrilled you're reading this and writing a thing!

Thank you,


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