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Greetings best beloved Yulegoat!

Hi. Welcome. How did you end up here? Why did you even choose these things you crazy goose? I don't care. I love you for it. Welcome! Please know that these are not ranked by preference, just by what I remembered. Also, these are just my best ideas, if you have a better idea - run with it, nony, run!

Fandom: Toy Story (Movies)
Character: Sid Phillips
Prompt:I want to know about Sid's interaction with toys after the first Toy Story. He knows they're alive. They know he knows. How does that change and shape his life, influence his decisions and relationships, with toys and with other people. If you want to make it shippy you can but I really just care about Sid's relationships with the toys. Feel free to make use of any of the Pixar universe theory or the videos out there that conjecture on his apparent life as a garbage man in Toy Story 3.
Other Notes: Sid has a little sister Hannah in the first movie. I'd love it if you did something with her. If you want to make it slashy with Andy that'd be great but I really care about Sid's relationships with the toys.

Fandom: Urge (2016)
Characters: The Man (Urge (2016)) Jason Brettner (Urge (2016)) Joey (Urge (2016)) The Red Bastard (Urge (2016))
Prompt: Tell me about the end of the world, what it's like for Jason and Joey. For this universe I want to know about what the world falling apart looks like in this universe. I mean, we started with a drug story and ended up with a religious apocalypse story. Go crazy. Explore it. Feel free to dig into any of the povs post movie. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it here (I've tested it, it should work) - http://putlocker9.com/watch-urge-free102-full-movie-online-free-Putlocker.html?version=4 - if it doesnt work leave an anon message and I'll find you one that does.
Other notes: I love apoca-fic.I love the details of apoca-fic. I also loved watching Jason turn into a decent human being and theological debate. Is The Man supposed to be God or the Devil? Is Jason the next Christ or the AntiChrist or something New? What does that mean for the coming devastation? And what about Joey and her addiction to Urge - she managed to stop but now she's surrounded. How does she cope? How does the Red Bastard and the other Angels/Demons factor into this? You tell me!

Fandom: Martyrs (2015)
Characters: Lucie (Martyrs (2015)) Anna (Martyrs (2015)) Eleanor (Martyrs (2015)) Sam (Martyrs (2015))
Prompt: Listen. LISTEN. This movie. God. This was a lesbian love story wrapped in softcore torture porn. I want to know what the fuck was going on. How did the organization pick Lucie or Sam? What did Anna and Lucie do before Lucie snapped? If the girls made it through the end of the movie, what was their life like after being martyred? How does Eleanor sleep at night doing what she does? What is Sam's experience like? There's so much you could do with this universe. The more you create the happier I'll be. If you havent seen it, you can watch it here(I've tested it, it should work) - http://putlocker.is/watch-martyrs-2015-online-free-putlocker.html - if it doesnt work leave an anon message and I'll find you one that does.
Other notes: I love fallout. What about the feral Woman who saves Anna in the corridors who wasn't killed - what happens to her? Where did Sam come from and what happens to her afterwards - does she manage to avoid the media circus or is she sucked into a new kind of chaos? Or you can tell me about what life is like in a place like the organization, how you can torture a bunch of innocent girls for years and go home and have steak with your family. I would also love to know about how Eleanor got involved. Was she almost martyred? Did she witness a martyrdom? Did she lose someone and need answers? Was she born into the organization? What do you think Lucie and Anna saw at the end? What if the cops made it in time to save them, what happens after? What about an outsider POV interrogating these crazy SOBs? There's so much you can do with this universe before you even start to look at Lucie and Anna's love story please don't ignore the love story tho, because omg Anna crawled out of a living grave and went back to save her Lucie when she could've been safe. My heart forever.

Fandom: American Dad
Characters: Steve Smith (American Dad) Shmuley "Snot" Lonstein Barry Robinson Toshi Yoshida
Prompt: Oh Steve. Oh Snot. Their love for each other is seasons deep and episodes wide. I want a Steve/Snot story that takes their romantic relationship seriously. You have a whole lot of stuff you can work with. I'll try and work on collecting the episodes that have their ship canon but it's canon that they have kissed, that Steve has positive experiences identifying as female, that there is at least one universe where they are married and in a sexual relationship. I'd love to see them work through their issues - particularly Steve having to deal with the misinformation he gets from being around the Smiths and Roger. Involvement with the Smith Family(including Jeff, Klaus and Roger) and the friends (Barry, all the Yoshidas, and anyone at Pearl Bailey High including Principal Lewis) would be welcomed. Basically, explore those two. They have deep feelings. DEEP. I just cant even.
Other notes: College fic would be great. Post college fic. A fic where Steve lives up to his science-y potential and lets go of the twisted ideas of masculinity and sexuality(for example that you can only like one or the other? Bisexuality is a thing Steve!) that Stan has been forcing on him since birth would be nice. Get together fic would be great. Fic where they get support from their friends. No made-them-do-it. I would love Roger giving actually useful advice for once, same from Klaus. Bonus points for Stan and Francine making an appearance as eventually-supportive at any point. Also, Spy!Steve hiding it from husband!Snot fic could be funny too? I'm just throwing out ideas. Bottomline - Snot/Steve shippy fic plz.

Fandom: Aladdin (1992)
Characters: Genie (Disney: Aladdin)
Prompt: Okay look. You guys know the theory that Agrabah is in the far future? I want that. I want that so badly. I want you to dig in to that, particularly with the Genie. Anyway, point being, I want to see the impact of such a huge historical catastrophe on Genie and preferably Jafar and maybe Iago. I mean. He was in the lamp 10,000 years. Come on. Before that he seems to have had an emotional investment in the world.
Other Notes: Jafar isn't up there but I always wanted to see a version of events where he successfully ascended the throne of Agrabah - with or without marrying Jasmine, with or without the Genie, with or without using/abusing Aladdin. It just seems like he knows whats up, like he was aware of what was going on historically where everyone else was just sorta bopping along with the status quo obviously blasted back to the 12th century. If you wanted to slash him with Aladdin I wouldn't mind. I would enjoy it alot actually. I would really enjoy it. I would find it deeply hot actually. In fact yes, please do that if you can bear it. :D But not non-con. IDK if you could manage that but I'd really enjoy it. I know. I'm twisted. Sorry-not-sorry.

Some things I like:
-Love stories. The actual falling-in-love part is my most favorite thing. Getting together is the BESTTTTT.
-Bad boys who find someone strong enough to face them head on on.
-ABO is awesome.
-Feel free to mpreg if you have a good idea - in or out of ABO.
-Soulmate AUs! Soulmarks, telepathy, timers, something else - all awesome. I just request that you not do "unmarked/no timer/threesome mark" for the main couple. It's interesting and all but its not really what I want. Gimme the cliche. I really like the cliche. There are other ways to complicate the cliche. You are brilliant. I know you can come up with something cool.
-D/s is welcome either incidental or as a verse if you feel inclined.
-Drama. OMG I loves me some ~drama~.
-AUs because as I said, if you've got a good idea, run with it.
-Hot hot sex. I love sex! (bullet-proof kink: fisting)

Some things I don't like:
-Ending things unhappily
-High school/college aus
-Coffee shop AUs
-Misgendering people.
-Bringing in scat or watersports.
-Having non-con between my leads
-Having dub or non-con lead to love.
-Writing subs, Omegas, or mpregs as "weak".

Um, beyond that I'm easy. I'm so thrilled you're reading this and writing a thing!

If you have a question - leave an anon ask and I'll answer it. :D

Thank you,
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