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Hello ITPE Artist! I am so happy to see you! This is my first ITPE and I'm really excited to be a part of this. I want you to know that WHATEVER you make, long or short, will be deeply appreciated. I know that podficcing is an artform and that inspiration is key to the process so PLEASE do not feel like anything except my "hard DNW" list are things that I'm super attached to. This is a long, wordy letter that is only meant to give you some idea of my taste. If you have something you like, I trust your judgement. I want you to enjoy what you record so feel free dismiss some or all of this. These are just some things to sort with. But if some of it inspires you, then go wild. I'm just happy to be part of this!

Okay, so, the hard DNW first so that we can get that out of the way:
main character death that isn't canon and isn't resolved/undone in the fic (Bucky's fall from the train is exempt from this of course. Another example of this would be reincarnation fic, or idk a Just Like Heaven AU or ghost stories that DONT end with the main pairing being separated.)
unhappy endings in shippy fic
Falling-in-love-with-your-rapist trope
OOC woobiness

Fandom: MCU

Oh lord. I don't really need to explain them, do I? They loved each other so much they almost destroyed the world. Literally. I mean. Come on. They're are best friends, of course, but they are soulmates and each other's truest, deepest loves. They may have other people in their lives but they will always come first for one another. You cannot convince me otherwise, not even if Feige and Co. will never actually let the kiss on paper or screen. So with them, thats what I like - a Steve/Bucky where they come first for each other, where they're in love. I love Explicit fic if you feel comfortable with it.I love fic that explores the rich field of possibilities left untapped by the movies like Bucky's time as the Asset, Steve's reacclimation and time on Strike, reunion fic set post TWS that ignores AoU and CW, what happened between TWS and AoU, and a nice juicy post CW story. I'm also a fan of anything that takes the canon and turns it to the left - near canons of the "what-if" variety if you will. What would have happened if "X" had happened instead. I like a good full-on AU if you have one that really inspires you, seriously, record what moves you first and foremost, but if you're indecisive then go for something rooted in canon. Even an all-human version that is still somehow rooted in the MCU plotline is my jam.

Fic specific requests: Please be careful if you decide to pick a genderqueer fic. Many of them are very good but some of them - often with Bucky as the genderqueer character - seem to come out of nowhere and don't seem to fit with his identity at all, using "I'm my own person post HYDRA and I'll wear girl things if I want" as a reason for example. This is fine but not for me. Pre-war and post-war-with-memories-of-past-impulses are my jam if you go this way.

ABO is fantastic but only if they still seem in character and not taken over by the stereotypes people often fall into with ABO. I don't care if the story is tropey as hell so long as their baseline personalities are on point.

Sex - yessssss. But sex with feelings please if its a fic that is all sex? Those feelings dont have to be good, of course, but some kind of feelings is prefered.

A fic that gives good Sam, good Nat, or good Tony always makes me happy. I love all 3 of those characters are beloved by me and sometimes they dont get their fair shake in Stucky fic :(

Note on The Carter Women: I love Peggy yall. She and Steve are my canon OTP. However, this isnt canon and so I am not super comfortable with fic that includes her in the endgame in an OTP. Friend!Peggy and ex!Peggy-who-had-a-great-life-and-moved-on is both welcomed and encouraged.

Sharon Carter is a character I freaking love in the MCU. She's smart, cool, ruthless, funny and uncompromising in her beliefs even if that means compromising her career or life. That said, I don't ship her and Steve if only because of Peggy. Lines, Steve, have them. That said, if a fic has Sharon!bashing give it a pass even if you really like it. It's not for me. If a fic has Sharon&Steve bromance tho? I am SO there. I've never found a fic with Sharon and Bucky as friends but if you find one you like, that would be cool too :D

Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Hockey RPF Paul Martin/James Neal(Nashville Predators/San Jose Sharks)
Nealer and Paulie used to play together on the Pens. James bought a house across the street from Paul so that he could basically live with Paul without living with him and make Paul make him breakfast every morning. I know. I KNOW. Ugh. Anyway, the point is - they were basically married and then there was a trade and Nealer got sent to the Preds. And now Paulie is in California and I DIED A LITTLE.

There isn't a lot of fic for them but most of what is there is good. I will tell you that someone privately podficced Give Up The Ghost Stop The Haunting Baby for me as a birthday present so if the spirit moves you to do this pairing, that one has already been done so you dont have to worry about repodding there - unless you really want to.

Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Hockey RPF: Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars),
Tyler Seguin was basically the hottest shit in his year and then ruined his life(ALLEGEDLY) in Boston after winning a Stanley Cup before getting sent to Hockey BFE aka Texas. Jamie Benn was like...middle of the road in the draft but turned around and shocked everyone by becoming one of the best in the league. He and his brother Jordie adopted Tyler when he came to Texas and oh my god, they're so cute together. I cannot deal with it. I can't.

Fic specific: Tyler's insecurities are so great yall. I love them. I love fic that deals with his self-esteem issues. I love anything that addresses how royally he almost ruined his life. His is a very real story of how athletes (and rock stars and actors and any young person given a lot of money and no supervision really) get out of control and I dig that.

Sexual Identity crises - either side of this is great. Sexuality in sport is a very real sport. You Can Play is great but there are NO out players in the NHL. There are no out players in MLB. Michael Sam's career in the NFL was over before he started because he came out because you'll notice that despite his drafting he was never signed by the Rams or any other team. Jason Collins went one year before he retired from the NBA after he came out. The saying "the struggle is real" is no joke in this fandom. I love fic that deals with that though I'd love for this crap to be OVER more. *glances at Pitch and the three women playing in the MLB minors hopefully*

When it comes to sex I like really like - powerbottom!Tyler idk why, no explanation for it, I just like it. Happily slutty Tyler. Stupid-for-each-other!sex. Explosive first times!

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender
Oh my god. Imagine if Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were merged into one being like Plato's redistributed. The stubbornness, leadership and self-sacrificing of Cap part were mixed with the stick-to-itiveness to gain skills, captivity, brainwashing, and amputation of Bucky Barnes and you have Takashi Shirogane. Now imagine the one with raw talent, the angry fighter, the orphan, the left behind was given to the second command, that he was the one with fierce friendship loyalty that had him destroying the status quo and basically saying "screw the world, I trust my gut over rationality" to get things done and you have Keith Kogane. They would die for each other. Ugh. So pure. Now imagine on top of being soldiers they're both astronauts and that there's magic and that the avengers are also magic astronaut soldiers. That's Voltron. I know. I CAN'T DEAL EITHER.

Fic specific: There's are two tropes that Keith is an angry orphan and that he is part Galra? I dont mind either of these if they are well done but i'm not super attached. I am way more interested in the fall out of S hiro's captivity - his amnesia, his issues with his Galra arm, his gladiatorial experiences and how that effects his relationship to Keith - before, during and after.

Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor[2]
Once upon a time in 2001, a 21 year old billionaire, genius playboy philanthropist hit a 15 year old farmboy with his car and took them both off a bridge. The boy ripped the car open like the lid of single-serving pudding, plucked the playboy out and revived him via mouth-to-mouth despite having no first-aid training. And lo, a ship was launched. They were my first slash ship. I will never stop shipping them. They are the ship that the 5 things trope was born. They were the big age-gap, sneaking-around pairing. They dealt with rural prejudices and high school drama and politics and aliens and comicbook integration. It was the training ground for the MCU fandom that was to come.

Fic specific: I like fics where Clark is honest to Lex about who he is. I like fics that incorperate the rest of the DCU(Batman especially). I like fic that include Conner/Kon-El aka Clark and Lex's canon love child. I like mpreg (not ABO actual freaking mpreg) especially if Clark is the mom cuz HE IS AN ALIEN WHY NOT.

Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
Pairing: Kate Fuller/Seth Gecko
Do you watch this show? You should, if aren't, you should. Dude, it's an R-rated show about Mezoamerican snake vampires. It is top-shelf trash. It's based on a movie of the same name by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino but don't let that put you off. The violence is more ridiculous than real, there's an abundance of awesome lantinx characters and the women are amazing. But this is about Kate and Seth. Seth and his brother Richie kidnap her family so they could escape from a crimespree. It should have made them enemies but the Mezoamerican snake vampires throw them together and at the end of season 1(spoiler for the movie) they ride off into the deserts of mexico together. She's 17. He's 30. Their sexual chemistry is ELECTRIC and I am wallowing in their age gap.

Fic specific: Shamelessly - I like sex fic, tortured age difference fic, pregnancy fic, and hunting fic. I also haven't found anything good that deals with Season 2 or 3 and the fall out for Seth and Kate and what happens in the finale vs what's going on in S3(Highlight to read spoiler: She died in the finale and came back as possessed by a vicious Xibalbian goddess.) would be great. I would love something that explores Kate's thoughts from her new circumstances and also Seth's feelings post S2. HAPPY ENDINGS WOULD BE GREAT?! Also epic roadtrip fic is welcome for them. I love love stories about them. Not really big on established relationships for them though.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Castiel gripped Dean tight and saved him from perdition. They've been tangling closer together in each other ever since for almost a decade. Cas has defied Heaven and Hell for Dean. Cas is second only to Sam in terms of Dean's attention, affection, and dedication. He's crossed realities for Cas, risked worlds. Their love is epic and I have tolerated years of queerbaiting from asshole showrunners because I love them so damn much.

Fic Requests: When it comes to this pairing - I like in-canon or close-to-canon fics. Stories that keep it in the Supernatural realm rather than a no-powers AU. I also don't Woobie!Dean or Cas. It just feels bad. A good brother/friend Sam in a Dean/Cas story is always welcome. Love new-to-sex!Cas soooo much I dont even have the words to express it. Not huge on wings though.

Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: Marcus Aquinas/Esca Cunoval
Marcus and Esca. Ugh. The slave and the master. The master and the slave. Equals and friends. I am all about the movieverse for these two. I know there is a book but I have zero info on it. I just know that those boys in the rain makes my world shake.

Fic Requests: Period peices only with this please. AUs are welcome in all shades and sizes but I love that this is set in Ancient Roman times and the time period is super important to me. I love fic that deals with the ugly side of Roman culture so anything that does that is great. Anything that focuses on their devotion is good too. I just love them. Sinela is a genius and a good place to start reading, I recommend the Under Cover At A Gay Roman Orgy fic Hetaeriae Eaeque Brevi Fien to give you an idea what I mean. If you want to do that one though I wouldnt say no lol but its a suggestion.

Fandom: Shadowhunters
Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood & Simon Lewis/Raphael Santiago
A man and his warlock. A fledgling and his sire. I ship both of these incredibly hard. I'm digging the TV show and am enjoying watching them actually happen. But I want to imagine other stuff too.

Fic Specifics: Anything with a pairing getting together is good for me. Also, I havent read the books so please use fics that use the show canon over book canon because I know there are huge spoilers. I dont want to learn them yet! Thank you :D I love the alternate universe Magnus and Alec a lot too if you find a story you like with that.

Fandom: Xmen First Class
Pairing: Charles/Erik & Alex Summers/Armando Mu├▒oz
Ugh. They're not alone. They adapt to survive. Help. I'm dying.

Fic specifics: In-universe fics please, meaning like...no all-human stuff. So long as they stay Marvel mutants tho, any kind of AU you want is cool from coffee shop to dystopia to high school. Near-canon AUs/What If redos of the first film are great. Armando-comes-back fics are my JAM. Also fic if you find a good post-Apocalypse story where Erik stays I'll take that too!

Fandom: Shameless
Pairing:Mickey Milkovich/Ian Gallagher
The criminal and the pretty boy. God. Their romance destroyed me and then rebuilt me. Seriously. Come back, Noel. Please. We need you. Their love was brutal and bright.

Fic Specifics: No AUs where they're not living in that kind of Chicago - so magic or scifi ro future or anything. Other than that go for it. There's a few good ones set after Mickey gets out of prison for the attempted murder at the end of S5. That kind of thing.

Fandom: Daredevil
Pairing: Matt/Foggy
El grande avocados. Lawyers at work. The Devil and his Conscience. I ship these two so hard. There are some seriously great tropes - Foggy being a singer/theater dork, his doing live audio descriptions on video media, his physical guiding of Matt that is always welcome. I love those. They hit high notes.

Fic Specifics: This pairing is actually fairly large and has a lot of good ABO believe it or not. It also has a lot of good D/s and I like them as a D/s couple. I like bottom!Matt and I like Knows How Lucky He Is Matt. So if you see fics with those, consider them as options.

For the Fandoms/Pairings listed below, I have no suggestions or requests so just feel free to go nuts.
The Breakfast Club - (1985) Brian/Bender,
Hot Fuzz - Danny Butterman/Nicholas Angel
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Perry van Shrike/Harry Lockhart,
The Losers - Jensen/Cougar
21 Jump Street (Movies) - Jenko/Schmidt,
Supergirl - Winn Schott/Clark Kent|Superman
Hemlock Grove - Roman Godfrey/Peter Rumancek

Lastly, this is a link to my Bookmarks. Everything on it is something I've already read and love. I try to leave notes in all my bookmarks so you know a little going in. Also, bar none, I'm including a link to my favorite story of all time, which is why I am including it in the main content instead of as just a suggestion. It's Stucky, I have author permission, and it's amazing. It's called Today is the First Day of Your Life and its beautiful.

Thanks artist! So excitd to see what you do!
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