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May. 15th, 2015 10:55 am
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If you want something of mine that's bandom, now is the time. I'll be deleting/locking down basically everything to re-purpose it as You have 48hrs to DL the stuff you like and then things are going away. You can rest assured that anything under 10K will stay and so will Prison but I Know This Hurts aka Cinderdom is next on the list and I dont want anyone to lose it and be sad. So. Here we go kids.

*claps* Or you could just wait and buy it?


May. 13th, 2015 09:57 pm
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I have pulled Sweetbreads and Sweet Nothings from the internet.



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Dear Rachael,

We appreciate your interest in the New Visions for Public Schools - Hunter College Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) and thank you for attending the interview event.

The admissions process for UTR is extremely competitive and we received a large number of applications for a limited number of spaces in this year's cohort. We are sorry to inform you that you will not be considered for the 2014-2015 Residency. It is our policy that the program does not provide feedback on any parts of the application and interview process.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.


The New Visions for Public Schools - Hunter College Teacher Residency Team

Jesus. I'm better off sticking to the writing if I'm going to be getting this kind of rejection from SCHOOLS. I swear its like, if I'm going to face pain and rejection and dismissal and loss of money, fuck it, I'll focus on my words. Teaching was supposed to be the back-up job. Fun fact America, this is why you have a fucking teacher crisis, because you won't hire people unless they meet 100000 points. No one meets them. Then you pay them shit.

I'm serious. I might as well just keep writing this murder story. At least I love that. Substituting is burning out for me more and more as each day passes. I got fired for falling off a curb, face planting on the asphalt - all after hours after the students supposedly had left - and accidentally cursed somewhere between falling and hurting myself that I dont actually remember. That was enough for me to be kicked out halfway through the next day. I'm tired of crying over a job I don't love. The only real money I'm making at the moment is working as a freaking phone sex operator anyway. At least sometimes I get off on that.

Anyway. Looks like I'm settled in for the long haul here in Atlanta. Please god, please, send me a sign that I did the right thing and that I'm following the universal plan. Because I am in the forest and all I can see at the moment are muggy Georgia trees.
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last night [personal profile] rscreighton and I stayed up skyping until 2am just talking and sharing youtube videos

I had the profound feeling of that night being a good one, of being truly genuinely happy. I'm making this post so I dont forget that night happened. I want to be able to look back when things are bad and go "Look. You are capable of bone deep happiness with someone who is becoming a very real part of your family."

part of that happiness - i got unstuck on an original! i'm doing what is basically Double Nano on it. it's a crime story about a series of dead human dolls and the survivor and the cops trying to catch the killer. before you walk away cuz its another tortured cop story - he's INTERPOL, his partner is a Somali woman, his love interest is a woman who is paraplegic, and his ex is a man and dude HUMANS MADE INTO BALL JOINTED DOLLS IN A FORMER SOVIET STATE NOW A PUPPET DEMOCRACY. so. diversity and creepiness and fascist regimes. if you are interested lemme know cuz holy shit i need cheerleaders. i think crime might be my niche. weird hn?

still heartbroken over NY but writing is what I wanted and I think I needed this wake up call to remind me of that fact. teaching is what my mom wants for me. not what i want for me, although I am back to subbing and I love that. I have another part time that will keep me in money over the summer so thats good. and now I wont miss the FOB meet and greet! so silver linings.
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This morning I got a facebook message from the most odious person I went to high school with. It was basically spam except for the fact that he knowingly sent it to me. As he was a total dicksnot, I decided "Screw the high road, I'm going to have fun." Before you, is the conversation with the names removed because I do believing in privacy but there's no innocence here yall.

Hey, Rachael! I hope you're having a great weekend! **** and I are on our way back from Nashville from a Rodan and Fields conference. We had a blast and we are gearing up for an awesome 2014! They just announced that our next convention will be in ******* this September! There is going to be another business presentation at the W Hotel in downtown ******* this Friday night. Are you free on Friday night? We would love for you to go and hear about it! Let me know and I'll put you on the guest list! :)

The exclamation points. *pinches the bridge of her nose* I just- *exhales* Even if I did like him, the exclamation point abuse would require punishment. What did the exclamation point ever do to you?

Hey there ***,
So, I'm not exactly sure how we ended up facebook friends except for the fact that I pay so little attention to facebook 99.99% of the time(this is my bi-monthly check for family activity)that I used to click accept without paying attention but sweetheart, you do remember that we don't like each other, right? Every class we had together in high school was an exercise in angry glares and quiet loathing. While I'm super happy to be able to count you as a casual acquaintance rather than The Only Person Who Had A Problem With Me In High School and Outright Hated Me Starting in Coach McAuley's 9th Grade English Class and Wasn't Afraid To Tell Me To My Face, I would not consider that grounds for me to care enough about you or your affairs to sit through a conference hocking skin care(and it is skincare right? I had to google Rodan and Holland as I have never heard of them before but go you and your face cream). Especially not when I could be doing something truly valuable to society - like watching videos of cats on youtube or playing angry birds.

On a whatever date your shindig is on I will either be out with friends or perhaps head to bed early as I have a job that requires me to work during the day on Fridays. By Friday all the give-a-fuck-about-things-that-don't-matter, like Rodan and Holland skin care for example, has been sucked from my very soul. I don't see that changing by September. So it is with regret I must decline your generous offer of a spot on what I am sure will be a jam-packed guest list.

I would also like to encourage you not to send me your little business machinations in the future as I wont care then either. Feel free to not contact me again until a class reunion.

That said I wish you luck in your endeavors and a happy new year.

The amount of unholy glee writing that gave me - yall there arent words. There are. No. Words. Most of the time, I do take the high road. I take abuse from my mom daily and my sister whenever she's in town. I always take it at work with students and I strive to be the kind of person who looks cashiers and waitstaff in the eye and thanks them every single time because those people matter and last. Not this time. The low road was just too tempting; I ran down it like Usain fucking Bolt and it was glorious.

In other news - I havent had more than a days work in 2 weeks because I have strep throat. I should be noncontagious by the weekend though. Yay. And if you haven't asked me a question yet for the February Talk Meme PLEASE PLEASE DO SO! There are 21 sad empty spots left! You can fill them! Come on! Fandom questions! TMI questions! Political questions(which could be TMI...)! Unpopular opinion questions! Fic what I wrote questions! Poor life choices questions! Other questions you are better at coming up with than me! You dont even have to pick a day if you dont want. Just ask.
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OH MAN YOU GUYS YULETIDE! This is my first Yuletide in two years and I wrote things! I was gifted things! Let me show you them. ♥_♥ First my prezzies ♥_♥  )

Also, I wrote. I wrote for the first time in a very long time and the things I wrote were deeply telling of where my head's at lately. They were all churned out in under three hours(not counting betaing/edits/rewrites) in bursts of creativity I havent experienced since I went back to working full time. They're real shorts and I'm exceedingly proud of all of them. I did something original with them, things that I've never done before even if it was just trying a new fandom so, if its okay I'm going to talk about process and stuff. I havent had a chance to do that in ages and all of the stories are under 3,000 words so they're good places to do it.

1)Title: Zack Don't Surf
For: queenofinsanity6
Fandom: World War Z - Max Brooks
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Pairing: OFC/OMC
Summary: Pensacola Beach, Florida: An interview with one of the founding members of The Santa Rosa Island Surf Patrol, the first prevention unit to use surfboards as a means to police and prevent zombies emerging from the Gulf of Mexico from reaching the shore.
My Offical Yuletide Fandom Assignment was World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (the book, not the movie - they don't even compare). If you havent read it, it's basically Shoah for a fictional war. Survivors of the war all over the world share their stories with an interviewer who is recording them so that they're not lost to time - the same way Shoah records the first-person stories of Holocaust survivors. So now that you know the source, time to talk fic.

First off - the name. I havent been so damn proud of a title in AGES. Zack is what the people in the book call zombies much like American soldiers in the Vietnam conflict called the Vietcong soldiers Charlie. If you've ever seen Apocalypse Now - arguably the best Vietnam flick ever(arguably - my favorite though)- you know that there is a big emphasis on surfing in the movie revolving around Robert Duvall as a slightly crazy Lt. Col. Kilgore, notable for the line "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning...smells like victory" whose whole platoon were surf-happy. His whole troop are in the middle of an active battle and he decides, hey, time to surf! Six foot swells! The protest is that Charlie owns the point but Kilgore declares "Charlie don't surf!" Same concept here only zombies instead of communist Vietnamese. Yeah. I love it. So much. It just feels right given the content is a surf patrol for zombies that move through water and need to be stopped. I'm genuinely proud of it.

The rest of it was less easy as I spent ages trying to figure out what the actual fuck to do with this. Ages. I couldn't figure it out. Then, literally the day of the deadline it hit me like a storm surge wave - this a fandom built on personal survivor accounts so in order to write something for this fandom I had to go to my own survivor account. If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I had my personal war with living in Florida and Tallahassee played a roll in the books as a relative safe zone so I figured - fuck it. I'll write what I know. Isnt that what everyone always says? I grew up in the location I used and lived their until I went to college and then on all my breaks. You know want to see some shit go to my tags and click hurricane, real life, family, or go to my very first posts where i talk about updating from my then boyfriends desktop because I was homeless due to housing destruction. It's not an exaggeration when I say my peer group were devastated before we were ably to leave that area. 9/11 opened our high school experience, two wars filled our middle years, and devastating hurricanes closing out our adolescence. Now my peers are dropping like flies. Literally every single character in Zack Don't Surf is named after someone from my graduating class who is now dead.

The story started with a male voice and a fabricated name but I stalled and deleted it. I felt that it was in keeping with the truth of WWZ to share my own losses through the narrative so thats what I did. Jenna, my protagonist, is not living my life. Her trauma is not my trauma but the places she went and love are the places I went and love and the keen sense of loss is my own. I left a large chunk of my heart on the page in Zack Don't Surf. If you want to take a look at my heart as it relates to the place that will always feel like home, even when I have a new place that feels like home, you should go read this one. I havent been truly proud of something I wrote in a long time. It was an experiment in epistolary/interview format to fit the book style and I think it worked. I'd love to know what yall think too. Also if you have any questions about the area - the culture, the lay out of the the Pensacola area, the Navy presence and its effect on the city, my personal experiences, or anything else please ask. I welcome them.

2)Title: Dominic and Submission
For: Opalsong
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious (2001), Fast and the Furious Series
Rating: Mature
Warning: Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Pairing: Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto
Summary: Brian has hidden his submissive orientation most of his life out of necessity more than desire and he's been fine. Really. Until he meets Dominic Toretto then fine doesn't really fit the situation anymore. A BDSM-universe AU of The Fast and the Furious.
This was an Emergency Pinch Hit. It came out at the very last minute and was written in about an hour of glorious inspiration. I haven't written like that in months. It was beautiful and clear and bright. It was also nice to be able to contribute at the 11th hour rather than sliding in at the last minute for once.

This is also Baby's first BDSM-universe. I've been trying to write one of these for ages and for some reason this one just exploded out of me. Unlike the other ones I've read where submissive or dominant dynamic is tied to sexuality, I decided to equate it closer to a cisgender. Because of that, Brian being in hiding is less about him hating who he is and more about making choices he needs to in order to get by. I'm just so tired of D/s and ABOverses where the submissive or omega hates BEING submissive or omega - hates the very nature of who they are and fight it tooth and nail to the point of where if it is in fact equated with gender(which it is most often in ABO) it would equate with gender dysphoria and yet never treated as such. I also learned about Dr. James Barry aka the first female doctor who lived her entire life as a man around the same time as I wrote this which is where part of the idea came from. It made me think about the fact that sometimes there are reasons not to live as who you are but that doesn't mean you have to hate it. You can like who you are and hate the system or prejudices or dangers that make you need to had that while still valuing your own identity. I don't know if Dr. Barry felt that way but the idea of hiding your cisgender to pursue your dream to due so made me think about this stuff. So, this was an experiment in the difference between hiding and hating. With elements of desire and sexiness thrown in. Then I left the ending open which is something I almost never do. That was rough for me, giving myself permission to just walk away with the door ajar but it was *right* and I have to believe learning how to do that means I'm growing as a writer, doesn't it?

This is also one of the first time's I've gotten a request for a sequel from pretty much every single commenter. I think maybe one person didn't ask. That's new. EVERYONE asked I'm thrown quite frankly. I didnt think it'd cause that strong a reaction. But it did. So, I may be doing a rewatch of the movies because there are definitely elements of the dynamic world I want to explore.

3)Title: Killing To Save Lives Is Like Screwing for Virginity
For: ijemanja, raedbard, 100indecisions
Fandom The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Suicide, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Pairing: Gen
Summary: He is no Fool and she is no Virgin. Dana knows that doesn't mean the world has to end. Marty doesn't know how the world will go on.
There are major major spoilers in this one so I'm going to put it behind a cut but I hope you click it. They have to choose. )

So, that's my Yuletide. I think it might be more telling than a What I've Done Recently post could be but I am going to do one of those too.
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So, the book review at Paste magazine didnt happen. However? The guy who is the book editor for the mag? He is from Mobile, the town over from Pensacola(I swear to god) and he's now based here in in the ATL. He called me Special K(for my last name and which is hilarious, by far the Best Nickname I have ever been dubbed) and said that while his schedule is crazy for now as he's got a book tour himself coming up, he invited me to the launch here in town next week so we could face to face said "Thank you for your generous spirit and open mind. We'll work together." which is a very large compliment as far as I'm concerned. The generous spirit and open mind thing. I get the "You're a very smart person" as a compliment/defining character trait a lot but I work really hard to be kind/good to my fellow humans in my daily life and its nice to have that aspect seen. The -We'll work together- thing was heartening too because it wasn't an if or a but - it was a definite. He's been excellent on his follow through and I actually think that I can rely on him to follow through on his side so long as I am diligent in reaching out. So, while I didn't get a piece published with Paste Magazine, he encouraged me to keep trying with them and even to keep trying with them. More significantly, I did get what seems to be a possible mentor which I think is going to be FAR more valuable.


Sep. 17th, 2013 07:31 pm
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Remember that time I wrote up an article a day before a premiere it got referenced by Variety? Yeah, I got to interview through that same pr firm with a person because who's amazing and a male feminist and smart and savvy and awesome and they divulged some stuff I cant talk about in an interview closing out some previously discussed content and it led around to content that - you guys its big. It's like - EW and TVLine each have about a two sentence paragraph about what I have a nearly 10 minute interview about. Yeah. I'm calling some people, on the phone, tomorrow because EXCLUSIVE doesnt touch the tip of the iceburg here. We're talking the 2014 Fall Pilot Season. If someone buys the content I have its going to make a ridiculous She's Just Asking For It.

So. Fingers Crossed.

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I'm signing up for [ profile] extreme_bigbangwhich is a minimum of 100,000 words in 10 months. Thats 300ish page book. I figure what the fuck right? I'm writing full time anyway.

I have a YA sci-fi high school+zombies+military novel with a backstory set almost entirely Pre-Colombian Mexico I've been siting on for about 3 years. It might be time.

I also have what's called the Superhero AU. Those of you who are in bandom will remember from, well, bandom. *points at the icon* that icon actually comes from the superhero AU. lol if you go to the tags you can find the bbseeds of the idea actually. Dont worry, it wont spoil anything because what the story has become is COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT including gender swaps, complete change in powers, timeline changes, and lots of other things including adjusting it to be a trilogy and, as I said to the people who knew it when I was writing it before - it was always going to be a larger universe as I had powers for FOB and Panic at the Disco.

So. [ profile] extreme_bigbang. Time to fucking be a fucking novelist. If I can do the journalist thing, I can do the novelist thing.

My fic A California Werewolf in New York has had 65.5 THOUSAND hits on AO3 in the year since it was published. The SterekLibrary Tumblr is doing a Top 25 Sterek Fics and that fic was the first one on their list. That post and another graphic made of the story, combined, had 1700 reblogs. The sequel has 19K hits. I'm Betting This Wasn't Beta Tested has over 60,000 hits too.

If you go by number of hits - both of my fics are in the top 110 Teen Wolf fics. Thats number is taking into a count - multichaptered fic and unfinished fic. If you go by number of times the story was bookmarked - just the single story, not the entire series they go with - California Werewolf is in the top 100.

That's without advertising our the power of publishing behind me. Thats just putting my story on AO3 and waiting for people to read it. It's pure merit and ability of writing and storytelling. If that many people ready it, if that many people like it enough to bookmark it without any enticement - I have to be good. Most of you are here because of fandom actually. Some of you I stalked into friendship because of your work but I just realized a lot of you followed me because of a fiction story I wrote.

So. Damnit. After 13 years of writing other people's characters,I think it might be time for me to write mine. I think I have the talent. I'm one of the recommended names in one of the top 5 fandoms on the internet.

Also - how many of you are willing to hold my hand on chat programs. I'm dead fucking serious about this one. This may take a fucking village /o\

Thoughts? Again, dead serious.
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I'm now a paid writer. It's only 25 dollars but it counts. The article is posted and I'm now published on two different legitimate news websites. I'm officially a freelance journalist. TAKE THAT EVERY PERSON WHO EVER SAID TO ME "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH A DEGREE IN WRITING-TEACH?"

No, asshole. I'm going to use my degree in writing to write.
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So. I have been throwing out pitches like a major leaguer on a no-hitter and something happened today. I sent one out this morning. Fifteen minutes later I got a response from the editor. It said this:

Good morning. Happy Monday.

Will you send some writing samples, particularly the review you mentioned? I’ll give this consideration.

Best wishes,

Books Editor

Okay.Okay be cool. Be cool. You can do this. So I emailed him back. Offered him a few options. In response I got this.

Yes, all. Rachel’s greatest hits, please.

Okay. Right. I can do this. So I thoughtfully pick out something funny, something serious, and something that toes the line and touches NEAR the subject matter I'm pitching (which involves teen culture and media interpretation). Seems good. Okay.

Sixty seconds later,this comes in.
Hi. Got this and will review this week, back with you next. Thanks.

A week? Thats it? I have to wait a week? Thats so short! THATS SO LONG! OH MY GOD! AH!

SO! Basically:

(many gifs because words dont cut it)
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Today I did two things that are a big deal.

1)I turned in a review of a tv show that acts as an audition piece for a website that will pay me to do what i do for free at my other site. I get $25 for this if they like it or not so its technically my first working gig whether it gets published or not(because I was already a published writer, now having been payed, even that paltry amount, I can call myself a working writer). If you pray, pray they like it.If you dont pray, send The Force or your will in the direction of the person reading it that they want me to write for them. Sending it at all today was abig deal. If they like it that would be a bigger deal.

2)I went to a movie today. With a new friend. Considering my severe isolationism this is a huge fucking deal. Huge. Possibly bigger than the writing - because I honestly have enough self confidence to believe that the writing will break through one way or another at some point. The friendship and meeting new people? Not so much. I met the guy on OKCupid where he basically approached me saying that my profile pretty much made me a no-go romantic wise but that I seemed really cool and hey, wanna hang out and be friends? Two weeks of emailing back and forth the conclusion was that we seem to like the same shit and hes possibly the only other hockey fan in Atlanta so we should hang out as friends and we did. It was fun. We will probably do it again. It's just...nice. To have a possible new friend. Its been a very long time since that happened.

So. Stuff!
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So. You know that massive BDSM epic I wrote ages ago? Back before Fifty Shades made that shit cool. It had a kitschy as lyric title. You might remember it - I Know This Hurts(It Was Meant To).

Well, um, I'm taking it down. Yeah. You heard me. It's coming down. "But why?" Because of EL fucking James can get rich off of Twatlight BDSM then I can try and sell GOOD bandom BDSM thats why. So yeah, Also I'm going to most likely be revamping huge chunks of it for gender. And possibly bringing in characters that were once MCR and Panic, changing them into new and different people who are not in fact MCR and Panic, and making them more prevalent as bigger characters and world-building on a scale thats large enough to possibly sustain a bandom-inspired but not using those people anymore set of stories. Because its time to fucking move on and I learned a lot about how band culture works and I think I'm ready to write some shit and I Know This Hurts is a good place to start because BDSM is selling and I'm ready.

You have until Yom Kippur to DL I Know This Hurts to your harddrives/kindles/ipads/what have you. Go for it. Podficcers -if you would like to podfic it - now is the time to do that. Get in touch with me and we'll talk about archiving and how that would work because if someone has been like...sitting on doing it - I wouldnt anymore. The text will be gone from the internet when 5774 rolls around. I'm done you guys. I'm still doing fanfic but I'm ready to write MY stories, you know?

If I'm going to be alone all the time, I might as well be alone creating something.

So if you want it, go get it. It's all yours. Just, please, DO NOT REPOST IT!
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So. You know that massive BDSM epic I wrote ages ago? Back before Fifty Shades made that shit cool. It had a kitschy as lyric title. You might remember it - I Know This Hurts(It Was Meant To).

Well, um, I'm taking it down. Yeah. You heard me. It's coming down. "But why?" Because of EL fucking James can get rich off of Twatlight BDSM then I can try and sell GOOD bandom BDSM thats why. So yeah, Also I'm going to most likely be revamping huge chunks of it for gender. And possibly bringing in characters that were once MCR and Panic, changing them into new and different people who are not in fact MCR and Panic, and making them more prevalent as bigger characters and world-building on a scale thats large enough to possibly sustain a bandom-inspired but not using those people anymore set of stories. Because its time to fucking move on and I learned a lot about how band culture works and I think I'm ready to write some shit and I Know This Hurts is a good place to start because BDSM is selling and I'm ready.

You have until Yom Kippur to DL I Know This Hurts to your harddrives/kindles/ipads/what have you. Go for it. Podficcers -if you would like to podfic it - now is the time to do that. Get in touch with me and we'll talk about archiving and how that would work because if someone has been like...sitting on doing it - I wouldnt anymore. The text will be gone from the internet when 5774 rolls around. I'm done you guys. I'm still doing fanfic but I'm ready to write MY stories, you know?

If I'm going to be alone all the time, I might as well be alone creating something.

So if you want it, go get it. It's all yours. Just, please, DO NOT REPOST IT!
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So, it was gallbladder disease. They cut the fucker out and after almost a month, i am finally allowed to eat again. I'm allowed to work again. I was already doing computer writing networking work post-op with mounting frustration as my editors did NOTHING with the gems i was bringing them. Guys. Screeners. Interviews with casts. "No we dont want it." O_O

Over the last week post-op on vicodin and free time I came to the realization that you know what? Imbeing wasted by the staffers. I'm too fucking resourceful and you know what else? Im willing to work too hard. Im willing to go after things and make phone calls and stay up until 5am to call british companies to get what i need done and where I am doesnt value then.

For the first time in my life I KNOW that I deserve better, that I am too fucking good for this. I am TOO GOOD FOR THEM. As someone who has suffered from CRIPPLING self esteem issues my ENTIRE life that realization - knowing it as FACT - is an intoxicant. I AM too good for this. I AM too talented. I AM better at the hacks who are getting paid to write the local sex column. I AM a harder worker than the people phoning it in at XYZ. I dont think. I KNOW. Its empirical.

Knowing that is making me brave as shit because I'm an incredible smart person. I like to believe that one of my better attributes is kindness, although when asked to describe me no one ever says I'm kind, but the word smart always comes up. So fuck it. I'm smart. I'm applying at places that smart people can fucking get with the resources I have damnit. Freelance positions at AP magazine, at Rolling Stone, at Playboy, at Cosmo to start. I've got a roof over my head, a job thats flexible, and a parent who believes in my dream more than me. So fuck it. Fuck it. I'm going to shoot for the top and keep shooting until I hit something. I have different stories for all of them that would be more interesting that some of what's in there. You guys have been following me for years. You know. You judge for yourself.

Judging for myself, the shit I wrote when I was twenty-one was better than most of the crap people are getting published now and now that I'm properly medicated, properly operated on, and finally have a body of work I can point to and say "IM FUCKING PRESS, I HAVE CONNECTIONS TO PR COMPANIES AND CONDUCTED MAJOR INTERVIEWS THAT NO ONE ELSE GOT" I judge that the time has come for me to finally try and have a life. I dont think its in Atlanta. I truly don't. But we live in the internet age so I'm going to do as much of it from here as I can - and I finally KNOW its a lot.
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CONFIRMED! I now have appointments for interviews with Darkhorse Comics' Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys artist Becky Cloonan. *breathless sigh*


You guys. She drew the Killjoys. You guys, he published Umbrella Academy, and Killjoys, and all the Buffy and Angel comics, and Hellboy, and the American version of Blade of the Immortal and I just. Seriously you guys - anything. I am just going in with my camera and some questions. AAAAAH!

So, if you have Killjoy comic questions that you think Cloonan or Allie might could field, leave them in the comments. I've got a few minutes to fill and they've agreed to talk to me.

More details as they develop.


Jul. 12th, 2013 05:45 pm
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Guess what email I got today?

Thank you in advance for covering the 2013 San Diego Comic Con “Teen Wolf” press room on Friday, July 19th at 1PM. Please provide the name of your staff conducting interviews as soon as possible.

You will receive access to the Press Room located below:

Friday, July 19, 2013 at 1:00pm PST

“Teen Wolf” Press Room with Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Daniel Sharman, Max Carver, Charlie Carver and Jeff Davis
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. PST

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING! I AM INTERVIEWING THE TEEN WOLF CREW(except for Sinqua D: )I get to ask them actualfax questions and possibly get actualfax answers. *does a dance* So, Teen Wolfers on my Flist - any burning questions for anyone on the list? I'm dead serious. I have been developing a list but I am open to suggestions *manic grin*
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I did a phone interview with the creator/director/writer Matthew Arnold of NBC's Siberia on Friday. I've had to keep it on my locked filter but now the article is posted so I can throw up a link.

Also if you are curious now but didnt ask to be on my little cant-go-public list, I've unlocked the past entry where I freak out :D Thats how this whole thing is going to work over the next few weeks btw. I freak out behind lock posts. The situation is resolved. I unlock the post. :D

So now, the finished product. Click the link to What Is Sibera to read the article and if you like, there's a link to recording of the full interview with Matt at the bottom so you can hear my dulcet tones ;P

Since this is my journal I'm going to be brutally honest - my editor cut a lot of my writing out of this piece without talking to me about it. I guess thats just how these things go. However the interview was really great and honestly, there is a lot of stuff both in the article and the interview that the bigger trade rags just didn't touch on that I think make a lot of difference. I wish more of my voice was still in there but I managed to get the interviewee's voice out and that's more important so I'm really really proud of this one. If you like me even a little, please circulate this piece(even if this sort of thing isn't your thing) - tweet it, share it on facebook, reblog it on tumblr, whatever.

This is the first time I feel like a real journalist. I got information no one else did. I buit the piece around the interview and I got it out there. It's been a long time since I had something to be proud of besides the small in-home victories. It's nice to feel like I'm making career victories too.

(HOCKEY PEOPLE: Yes I did notice that Siberia is where Geno is from. Yes, that is something that caught my attention. No its not in the article but I totes freaking noticed and maybe it drew me even more towards writing about this series. I CANT HELP IT I JUST LOVE HIS STUPID SIBERIAN MVP FACE. However that was just a bonus.)
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This Journal is going on full lockdown until after ComicCon. I'm working press at ComicCon so MAJOR SHIT WILL BE HAPPENING to me over the next month and I will need a place to talk about it and it will not be on tumblr. If you are one of my LJFriends who I've know forever and want to be on the thread of people who can see me flail, comment now or forever hold your peace.

If you are not on that list, please dont take it personally. It's NOT because I think you are a bad person or am making a judgement. It's because I dont know you well enough to have any opinion/judgement of you at all! I'm in a better safe than sorry mode right now. So. AHHHHHH!


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